Monday, May 4, 2009


"Uncertainty" by Arthur Hughes, 1878

I really have 'blog block' in a bad way today. I worked all morning on the fly-fishing website and my head is still pounding. I am just another who loves the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood works and have the next pic on my desktop.


John-Michael said...

I could easily (and quite happily) become enchanted by this fetching Image. It is readily apparent how One could find themselves so caught up in the force of this, on their desktop, that 'blog block' would result.

Lovingly ...

Susan said...

Such beautiful paintings! The first one looks as if she is eavesdropping on an important male meeting going on in the next room. She's hoping the dog won't give her away. Love them both.

LB, I tagged you on my blog. Hope you don't mind playing. Maybe it will break your blogger block!

Coccinella said...

John-Michael, thanks for dropping by - I really enjoy your poetry.