Sunday, May 3, 2009


Recently I read about the work of Rick Everingham, an ex-pat who now enjoys a new life with his wife, Desley, in Soiana, Tuscany, where he gets so much inspiration for his painting. Rick says, "This is a country with an over-all patina that I find irresistible."

His paintings resonate with me as they encapsulate the "go slow" lifestyle in Tuscany, of which I only had a glimpse two years ago; three weeks is not enough!

Have a look at more of Rick's work at his website and see a slideshow of his work here (the slideshow may not be always available).


Susan said...

Lovely paintings! I love the street scene. It's so playful!

The Clever Pup said...

Ladybug, your blog is so much fun. It's high time I favourited you.

Coccinella said...

Susan, I love all of the stuff he's doing - did you go and have a look?

Clever Pup, I'm very honoured - I think I favourited you too - I go in and look every day. Must go and check. LBx

Coccinella said...
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