Thursday, November 25, 2010

Recovering ...

We arrived home on Tuesday after a two day flight from Italy.  It was a wonderful three week whirlwind, taking in three days in Norway and then Milan, Bologna, Venice, Rimini, Sansepolcro, Anghiari and back to Milan for three days.  When I eventually get to view the photos, I'll share some of these places with you.

Now, to get to the story of 'Lady' the kangaroo, above.  The picture above shows her relaxing in her bed at Kilmore's Wildlife Rescue Centre.  The following story, by Grace Taylor, was in yesterday's Melbourne Herald Sun.

Helping roos to bounce back
Lisa Milligan has worked as a nurse for nearly six years but she says nothing compares to the rewards of nursing injured kangaroos back to health.

"Kangaroos are very loyal.  They're a lot like dogs," she said.  "They look at you and know you're helping them.  "When I release them back into the wild I often stand there and cry.  It's like losing a best friend."
Opened to help cope with the horrific results of Black Saturday, the Kilmore Rescue Centre is financed out of Lisa and her husband Duane's own pockets.

"It's hard work but it's rewarding, the animals know you're helping them," Ms Milligan said.

Her most recent admission to the centre was Lady, an eastern grey kangaroo who came in paralysed from the waist down.  After eight weeks of care in the centre, physiotherapy has Lady standing on her own and she has regained feeling in her legs and tail.

Picture:  Ellen Smith
Source:  Herald Sun