Thursday, August 13, 2009


I remembered to take my camera last Saturday. It was a bleak morning, 3C at 8:30am when we started out. The pondage had been empty all week except for the old river bed but was slowly filling up after the water company had finished its annual maintenance.

This is the long walk along Riverside Drive

Fishful thinking?
Poor chap didn't know that the Pondage
had been empty for days and the fish
had escaped into the river.
We wished him luck.

On the other side of Riverside Drive, Kangaroos!

Isn't he/she magnificent!

They come down out of the bush and graze
in front of this house every morning.

Pelicans, waiting, waiting.

We came from over there.

It's a shady walk in Summer.

Further along the track.

What we call a 'drop toilet'
with a beautiful Acacia Cognata the Landcare group planted.

The car's over there.

The Pontoon
rises and falls with the Pondage level.

Track to Bridge

Fishing with Dad.

Rotunda and Ramp from Bridge.


The road home.

Four days later, looking South from Bridge.


Delwyn said...

Hi Alaine

that was a brisk walk in the chilly air. Where does this water come from and what is it used for...irrigation or town consumption? Are the ponds man made?

Happy days

Alaine said...

Hi Delwyn,

The Pondages are man-made, as is Lake Eildon Weir that feeds them. The new dam was built on top of the old Sugarloaf Dam back in the 1950s. Many people lost their homes and farms when the area was flooded and the township and cemetery was moved.

The new weir has a 550km shoreline and is 7 times larger than Sydney Harbour when full. It was originally built for irrigation but recreation came into it later. It is a very popular place for water skiing, fishing and there are 800 houseboats on the lake.

At present, because of the drought, it is at 17% capacity; there is still enough water for recreational activities but the situation is dire for the irrigators and our Premier is building a $billion+ pipeline from here to Melbourne to take our water from us. We say, 'What water!?' If this goes ahead, there'll be no water for the food bowl (irrigators)!

I_am_Tulsa said...

Wow! I so glad you took your camera!
"Real" kangaroos....awesome!
I hope the water situation improves...
thank you for sharing the beautiful nature!

Bonnie, Original Art Studio said...

Alaine: Enjoyed accompanying you on your walk. That is a beautiful path. Imagine going for a walk and seeing kangaroos!!! Yet to spot one here in Canada! ;-)

Thanks for sharing your lovely pics.

Alaine said...

Tulsa & Bonnie, It's my pleasure to share all beauty and this format allows that, making your day happier.

steven said...

hi alaine - a lovely walk, i'm not surprised to see delwyn along! i'm really interested in the golden branched bush and wondered if you'd know what it's called? i love the expansive views and felt a little sory for the lone fisherman until i remembered that in all the times i've gone fishing i've caught two fish and chucked them both back 'cause really it's more about the throwing the lure in, thinking about life, then reeling it back!! have a lovely afternoon. steven

Alaine said...

Hello Steven, if you mean the shot under the kangaroos, that is new growth on the basket willow.

Yes, my husband promotes 'Catch & Release'. He hasn't brought a fish home for years, always throws them back. Actually he doesn't like the taste of them and I only like Trout smoked.

Susan said...

Alaine, thank you for that lovely walk! And the kangaroos! There are so many of them! Do they have natural predators?

Are there any theories as to why your drought has lasted so long? That is so devastating.

Derrick said...

Hello Alaine,

How wonderful to see the kangaroos. I only managed to see wallabies and they were at the Swan Hill settlement! Your last shot, with blue sky, makes it an even nicer spot!

Lyn said...

What an all encompassing walk..a lone fisherman(perhaps meditating), kangaroos, rising pontoons..great pics..I'd never see this landscape here..thanks!

Lizzy Frizzfrock said...

Nice walk you took us on around your area. I'm so glad you had rain too. I've read in National Geographic about the terrible drought in areas of Australia.
I love the kangaroos. They seem to roam around like deer roam in our neighborhoods.
I enjoyed my visit.

Alaine said...

Hello Susan, No predators, only some humans who love to 'go shooting'. 'Global warming', I suppose. Loved your walk with your grandchildren and flower photos.

Hi Derrick, it is a lovely spot, even prettier in Spring, Summer, Autumn.

Hi Lyn, I knew you'd appreciate a country escape and I'd love to experience city living for a while!

Alaine said...

Hi Lizzy, we have deer too! We were walking the other day and saw one scuttle off into the bushes and two were on the road in front of our house last week in the frost and fog. Wonderful to see.

T. Clear said...

Ah...lovely photos, especially that last one with the bits of blue sky!