Tuesday, August 11, 2009



Callistemon buds ready to burst

The first Azalea, 'Inga'

Daffodils, I've picked most of them



Hellebores - Winter Rose

Manchurian Pear

Erigeron - Seaside Daisy


Native shrub - lovely perfume!

No idea

Grevillea - Canterbury Gold

Maple, I think


Hardenbergia - The Happy Wanderer
Named in honour of
Franziska, Countess von Hardenberg in 1937

Memorial to our darling Pug, 'Bruffy', buried in our "Grappa Grotto"

Grappa Grotto, April '06
This is how it looked again 4 months ago.


steven said...

hello alaine "no idea" leaps out to me. it's like a small cluster of butterflies arriving and leaving at the same time. our wintergarden is entirely formed of evergreens as the snow and cold are so intense as to cause the plants to hide away and protect themsleves. through this winter i'll post images that show the other beauties we experience as the plants hide away. you'll get to know how desperate steven gets for colour as well!!! have a lovely winter evening. steven

Alaine said...

Hello Steven, I was surprised at the amount of colour we have. It's changed in a matter of days; even more colour now. Looking forward to your winter garden pics in a few months.

We just got back from our morning walk. It was bitterly cold out there with the wind coming down from the snowfields an hour away.

Bonnie, Original Art Studio said...

Hi Alaine:

I live in Canada, like Steven - I think I am probably a planting zone farther north than he - so it seems odd to see any blooms in a "winter" garden. We may have red berries on bushes over winter but that's it. Maybe Steven and I will have a photographic "shoot out" about who ends up with higher snow drifts this year.

Love the grappa grotto - do you make wine with the fruit?

Lovely post.

Delwyn said...

Hi Alaine

Amazing isn't it just what you have flowering in the winter garden...

seems to me that you can always find something when you put your camera to work...

Happy days

Alaine said...

Hi Delwyn, in beautiful Queensland you'd have exotics all year round I should imagine. The Manchurian Pears' buds have now broken open and the driveway looks as though it's covered in snow.

Hi Bonnie, no, we don't bother making wine. We pick a few bunches of the sultana grapes but then the birds take over. They are a little sweet for my liking.

Derrick said...

Hi Alaine,

What a selection you have! I especially like the Derwentia - and the "no idea" too. Reminds me a bit of the forget-me-not family.

Wildan Arief said...

hi there.. nice to meet you.. i'm from indonesia.. hope u visit me back... :))

Alaine said...

Hello Derrick, The Derwentia is very pretty at present. The 'no idea' is a little bigger than forget-me-not, is a ground cover and keeps the weeds away! The dog was sitting in it in my last post. The reason I don't know it is because it was a little slip from a friend, who couldn't tell me either.

Lyn said...

I don't think I've seen a Grevillea-Canterbury Gold before..lovely presentation..especially the little sleeping cherub! Thank you...

Laura [What I Like] said...

Oh how heavenly! The Daphne in particular I find so lovely...

Alaine said...

Hello Wildan, thanks for visiting.

Lyn, the Grevillea is quite a scruffy looking bush the the flower is spectacular.

Hi Laura,thanks for your visit; I notice you're from New York. We'll be there end of November; is it already cold then? The Daphne perfume is a lovely greeting in the morning when I hit the kitchen.

Tracy said...

LOVE your Grappa Grotte, Alaine! Do you get enough fruit to dabble with wine-making? Your winter garden is amazingly colorful...and inspiring! Here all is often dulled greens, browns and grays...very monochromatic almost--LOL! So loved seeing this--thank you! Happy Day ((HUGS))