Sunday, June 14, 2009


Faience Porcelain & Christaux
Grand Depot
21 Rue Drouet

Ironstone Tableware
(Modern, as it's "dishwasher
detergent proof")

Precious - My Mother's
Fine China
Westminster Australia 1501

Smudged stamp with crown - can only read ENGLAND

Japanese - blue stains throughout the cream on back
No markings

"Cream Petal"
Grindley, England

No markings at all

Japanese side plate - modern

No marking

Mason's England
Patent Ironstone China
(Bowl - stain looks worse in photo)

Broadhurst Staffordshire England Est. 1847
Ironstone Underglaze
Detergent Proof

DMJ's Grandmother's Bowl
Crown Devon Fielding
Stoke-on-Trent England
No. 631528

I read about Elizabeth's call to post about plates and dishes on Willow's blog. I'm a bit late but never mind. So, here are some of them and there are plenty more! I think the oldest might be the first one I put up. Does anyone else have the problem of each image uploaded jumping to the top of the post? So frustrating!


willow said...

Love the blue and white! And grandmother's bowl is so very unique and elegant. Fun to see yours, Ladybug!

blackbird said...

What lovely china you have. I think I've said that several times today as I've visited the plate blogs. But, they are all wonderful.

I love cobalt blue in china- it's deep and mysterious but still looks crisp and clean. Something that's good in china and kitchens.

My favorite of yours is the Eva bowl with its delightful birds and ribbons. I like that it looks organic with its leaf-like edge and its lack of symmetry.

I like your new header too. I've enjoyed each of yours but the fall is my favorite time of year and your shot is beautiful.

blackbird said...

No problems with images moving around- everything is just where it's supposed to be.

Ladybug said...

Thankyou both. I didn't photograph the Willow set, as Willow had already done it. We have a lovely white setting for everyday use.

Thanks Blackbird, I was wondering if the header was too dark. I took that shot on 17th April three years ago. The low flying cloud was stunning but underneath that cloud is a number of rolling, bald hills, very lovely.

Yes, when I upload a second pic into a post, it immediately jumps to the top and I have to go into HTML to cut and paste it back down where I want it. That happened with every plate!

I_am_Tulsa said...

Ladaybug!, The same thing happens every time I load pictures up! I'm learning to think backwards... You can also move the pictures up or down by clicking and dragging them... for some reason it is easier to move pictures up than to move them down (is this making any sense?).

I'm having a hard time choosing a favorite plate, they are all so pretty in their own way!

blackbird said...

I think that the header's perfect.

I've always had to post my photos backwards- starting with the one at the bottom and working my way to the first one. It drove me nuts at first- I thought that I was doing something wrong. Now, that I'm a little more experienced, I do go to HTML and move them if I need to.

Ladybug said...

Thankyou both. I'll give those clues a try.

ruthie said...

beautiful plates, i so adore blue & white china! your grandmas bowl is sweet. i get soo frustrated with the uploading of images on blogger!!

Ladybug said...

Hello Ruthie from Scotland, thanks for dropping in! Yes, it's a real pain but I think if I tried to think backwards like the other two ladies have suggested, I'd end up in a real pickle!

Elizabeth said...

What an amazing collection of plates!
I'm a big fan of blue and white china (who isn't!?)
it really is delightful.
My everyday china is Spode Italian with a bunch of other Spode blue and whites.
Your blog looks great.

alaine@éclectique said... glad that you found my blog, thank you for following and and thank you for the compliment.

I think I 'met' you a couple of years ago; you introduced me to Haiku. If I'm wrong, please correct me but I'm certain that it was Elizabeth from New York. I really took to Haiku, looked further into it, wrote a few and then, like everything else once tried, gave it away and went on to something else!

I love my collection of plates and have found that this post is my most read, so there are many plate lovers out there!