Saturday, June 13, 2009


Nude in the Water 1925

Today Melbourne has a one day Symposium of Salvador Dali's work at the National Gallery of Victoria between 10am and 4:30pm.

Salvador Dali: Liquid Desire is the first comprehensive retrospective of the work of Salvador Dali to be staged in Australia and comprises more than 200 works in all media - painting, drawing, watercolour, etchings, sculpture, fashion, jewellery, cinema and photography. It traces the genius of Dali from his earliest years as an exceptionally talented 14-year-old, to the final majestic paintings created when the artist was in his 70s. A range of international and local speakers present a fascinating array of papers on this quintessential 20th century artistic genius.

Dutch Interior 1914

Yes, most of his work is weird and got even weirder with time but one has to admire the genius of the man and some of his paintings were pleasant to my eye, such as these two. Here's a good site to see his work.


Susan said...

Oh, it sounds as if you are in for a very fun and interesting day! I wish I could attend with you. I've always liked Dali, weird or not. Thank you for the site link. Have fun!

Ladybug said...

It would have been wonderful but we live 2 hours from Melbourne and I only heard about it late yesterday. It's times like these I'd love to be a city-slicker! ONLY times like these!

I_am_Tulsa said...

Ladybug, thank you for stopping by my blog! AND I am so happy to have found yours! I love your blog! Just one glance and I knew that I was looking at a fellow book lover and arts and antique fan too!
My next day off I will be poking around if that's ok with you!

Hope you have a great weekend!

Ladybug said...

I am Tulsa, thanks for visiting! And you can pop back in any time and have a read. I love visitors!