Friday, June 12, 2009


This is my Library (1877), 25km or 15.5 miles away in the delightful country town of Alexandra. The modern building to the left is an annexe, completed about three years ago. One thing I love about the old part is the comfortable club armchairs and couches provided for one of my vintage, browsing and reading for a couple of hours. It was closed when I took these pictures, maybe another time I can get interior shots.

Inside the Mobile Library

The mobile library comes to our town twice a week, all day Wednesday and Saturday morning. Up one end is an area with a computer and bench seats. The books are rotated constantly. As with most libraries these days, the service is topnotch; if they haven't got a book, they'll get it for you. Vicki, I've ordered 'My French Life' and will get a letter when it arrives - looking forward to it.

A closer view of the lovely old building


Susan said...

Oh, that building is gorgeous! What type architecture is it? I can't quite put my finger on it.

Mobile libraries are the most wonderful thing. When I was a teenager (late 60's, early 70's) and lived 15 miles out in the country, the highlight of my life was the bi-weekly visit from the "bookmobile". I would get 20 books at a time and read every one of them by the time it returned. I hardly ever had my nose out of my books. At that time, I was on my Gothic Romance kick, with lots of English governesses being terrorized and then loved senseless by the masters of the manor.

The Clever Pup said...

A nice old building. My dad was a librarian and I took many trips with him in the bright yellow book mobile.

I like your new picture!

Ladybug said...

Susan, I used to read those sort of books when I was younger - loved them!

I don't know about the architecture, I'll have to find out. The middle bit has 1877 above it, the left side 'Erected A.D. 1891' and the right side 'Erected A.D. 1883', so I think it was a project over many years as funds became available.

CP, how fun that would have been to have all those books at hand in childhood and do you mean my avatar? Oh, shudder, that was 18 months ago, I look worse now but thankyou.

Elizabeth said...

A fellow book lover.
o you think loving books and china go hand in hand?
Exquisite taste and attention to detail?
Greetings from New York.

Ladybug said...

Thanks for visiting, Elizabeth. I'll get my plates up soon! LBx

Diane said...

I just came across your blog; it's great. Thanks for sharing the photos--i love seeing libraries.