Monday, June 22, 2009


the last of the Icebergs

eleven down

seven to go

and, look what I found, three weeks into Winter
ready to be washed and dried....

the colour's nearly gone except for the beautiful green grass

and some evergreens....

looking forward to the sunny daffodils....


willow said...

It hit 90 degrees here this weekend and I am sooooo-o ready for fall and winter! Beautiful roses.

Alaine said...

And so would I; heat's horrible.

Delwyn said...

Hello Alaine

I'm Delwyn in Noosa, but I have come to you via my little friend Tulsa, in Japan.
Your blog is a lovely collection of delights.
I will return to have a good wander...

I love that Picasso sleeping woman painting on your sidebar.

I am also a 'content to be out of the madding crowd' sort of person...

Happy Days

Alaine said...

Hi Delwyn, Thanks for coming in to say hello. Isn't Tulsa a treat!

I went to see your blog; love your photos and all the little snippets on the side bar. I can see you love things Japanese too.

Cheers for now; we'll talk again.

Susan said...

Lovely roses!

What kind of weather do you have in winter? I am so ignorant of Australia facts. I really need to read more. I'm embarassed!

Enjoy your last picking of tomatoes!

Alaine said...

Hi Susan, Where we are, down South, the Winters get very cold but up North the weather is tropical all year and they get more rain than we do.

Australia has been in drought for 12 years now and many areas are running out of a water supply. At the moment, here in Victoria, a North/South pipeline is being built between this area and Melbourne and next year they will start pumping water to Melbourne. The majority up here are not happy about that as the water from our weir is sent to the foodbowl in central Victoria for irrigation. We're saying, 'what water?'.

I could go on but I'd better jump off the soapbox and get my day started!

Thanks for visiting!