Sunday, June 21, 2009



Susan said...

Beautiful rainbow and beautiful Eva. What a tragic loss to the music world her death was. I have three of her CDs and listen to them when I'm feeling melancholy. 'Danny Boy' always, always makes me cry and I could listen to her sing 'Fields of Gold' from now until eternity. I'm glad we have this in common, Alaine. It's nice to know your name.

Alaine said...

I KNEW someone else would like my post. I have two of her CDs, play them occasionally and invariably, the tears will roll down my cheeks.

That's how I found her, 'Fields of Gold' and I thought, who IS that singing?! When I went searching that afternoon, it was as though a bus had hit me as I read of her illness and passing. So tragic.

Yes, I was tired of being a 'bug'. DMJ had called me that for years and when I told him that I want to be me now, he asked me if I was going to burn my bra!! He is funny, makes me laugh a lot. I've never liked the word, 'bug', so now he's trying to change to 'Ladybird'.

Susan said...

That's very cute! I think I'll stick to calling you Alaine, such a pretty name for a pretty lady.

Alaine said...

Awww, Susan, so kind. 'Once, twice, three times a Lady' - three score plus.