Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Have you ever 'Googled' your name?  I'm not happy.  Yesterday DMJ 'Googled' his website and there was my name, all over the dubya-dubya-dubya!  And here I am thinking I'm flying incognito, using a name that doesn't ring true and my real identity is exposed!

I even get a mention on Wiki-name; they say my surname means "from the manor"!  Funny that, in Italian it's an ordinary passageway - 'corridorio'!  Haha.

DMJ loves it, he's the extrovert, always has been.  Nothing much I can do about it now.  But from now on I'm Ladybug, everyone knows me as DMJ's Ladybug, so no more Coccinella, my derivative of the ladybug species, Coccinellidae.  That all started when I was told I couldn't have the URL as it was already taken. 

Oh well, I care.

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vicki archer said...

Ladybug it is - what a great name too. Thank you for visiting French Essence and your lovely comment, xv.