Thursday, May 28, 2009


To us here in Australia, the sound of rain on the roof is magic after eleven years of drought. We have a 'teaser' every now and then. Two days ago we were lucky enough to get 12mm, which put a few litres into the tanks. Sometimes we get a few huge drops, then it peters out - weird. Now it's sunny again, the grey clouds threaten but pass over and the sky's blue again.

There's nothing on the way either; we're right down the bottom right corner of the map. You can just see the outline of Victoria.

We have a corrugated iron roof and, when it rains, we'll put the TV on Mute and listen to the rhythm of the falling rain. And there's nothing like it when you're warm and cosy under the doona!

Dan Fogelberg on Johnny Carson Show 1990


The Clever Pup said...

What does one do after 11 years of drought? Do you ration showers? How do you cope? Is it shipped in for you?

I'll think rainy thoughts for you.

Raining here as we speak.

Ladybug said...

We live in the country and have two large tanks attached to the house, which are both half full. We have another tank on the shed which is full. Luckily we have a large roof area and that 12mm we got the other day would give us a few litres. We had a scientist friend who worked it out in his head and gave us an answer in minutes - he was proven correct. But he's since died and we've forgotten how to work it out!!

There's only two of us here so we can have a good shower but people down in the 'burbs', like my daughter's family with three boys, have to ration or they're fined. They have one of those hour glass thingos in the shower for 4 minute showers and are on Level 3 restrictions = 155 litres per day per person. It's very bad in the Summer, gardens look awful but we can water our trees with bore water.

The Victorian Govt. is currently building a huge pipeline from our weir up here to Melbourne. The unfortunate thing about that is that the people in the 'food bowl' areas, those who grow our vegies and fruit, will be getting less water for irrigation and the cost of food will soar!

Thanks for your rainy thoughts!

Susan said...

Oh my goodness! That is an extreme drought! I try to conserve water here as much as I can, or that's what I thought. Obviously, I could do much better. I'll be wishing for bursting rain clouds for you, too!

Ladybug said...

Thanks, Susan. We were in Melbourne yesterday and it rained in there but that's two hours away from home. I don't know if we got any here until we check the rain gauge in the morning. Have just got home. Cheers, LBx

vicki archer said...

May it rain some more - what a wonderful sound those raindrops are....Happy weekend, xv.

Ladybug said...

Vicki, we're hoping but the weather's incredibly balmy here; crisp mornings, lazy sunny afternoons - ever concerning....