Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I've just received the first Newsletter from Bruno Torfs Garden with some good news that most (almost sixty percent) of Bruno's unique sculptures and most of his paintings (stored in the kiln) survived the inferno that ravaged the little town of Marysville in Victoria Australia.  He lost his workshop and gallery.

They face the huge task of rebuilding and have had so many offers of help it's been overwhelming.  They'll be open next weekend, 2nd & 3rd of May, then closed for at least two weeks as they work full time on the restoration.

A special edition coffee table book is currently in production and one can register your interest to buy on the website,  Here are some more pics of the sculptures.  His paintings are wonderful too - on the website.


willow said...

What a terrible loss. I hate to see the destruction of art.

His sculptures are fabulous.

Coccinella said...

I'm going to make a point of getting there within the month.

14 houses are left out of over 400....

ruthie said...

Isn't it amazing that so much of the sculpture survive. i do so love his work. such a sad, sad time for so many people, its good to know something good is happening now