Monday, April 27, 2009


I've reached 100 posts and here are 100 cockatoos!  Well, this was only half of them, grazing in our back paddock a few minutes ago.  Hope you can click on it to get a bigger picture.  It's a beautiful morning here, crisp, around 7 degrees C, the sun is shining and we're going for a nice leisurely stroll around The Pondage.


vicki archer said...

Congratulations and I Love cockatoos - just realized how I miss them! xv

Coccinella said...

Thanks, Vicki, I think you're the only one who noticed!

We have a little sick cocky at the moment who just sits and sleeps with head tucked into feathers. DMJ calls him "Sicky" but I've convinced him to change that to "Ziggy". He/She comes in every morning and we have to shoo the others away when they pick on it. It's getting stronger.