Friday, March 6, 2009


Sisyrinchium douglasii var. inflatum
Photo: Victor von Salza
Grass Widow, or the Satin Flower
Photo: Starlisa

These shots were taken at Catherine Creek, near Lyle Washington along the Columbia River.

Besides all of the above and the clever photography, I've learnt something new again today, that there is a plant called the Grass Widow! But that wasn't the reason for the post, I am, in fact, a Grass Widow once again; my man has taken off interstate to Sydney to do a flytying workshop for the Sydney Flyrodders and won't be home for five days.

My choice not to go as I have so much catching up to do - bookwork, letter writing, web building, blogging; a lot of which was pushed aside (except the blogging) over the past month. I also hope to get outside to mow some grass and, more importantly, go on long walks now that the air is clear.

The "grass" refers to the mattress, which used to be filled with grass. The "widow" is left back on the grass/mattress. "Grasswidower" can carry the implication that the husband is helpless when left home alone by his wife, especially in the kitchen. In dialect, it can also refer to a discarded mistress, or a woman who has an illegitimate child. (Wikipedia)

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