Saturday, March 7, 2009


It is fresh today, time to put on socks instead of going barefoot.  Crazy weather; we were sweltering in top 30s last week.  These roses I've just picked - Mr. Lincoln, Camp David and Iceberg - they're on their third and final flush.  The anniversary card stays up one week.

I was woken up at 2:30am with thump, thump, thump and thud.  I presumed it was the kangaroos down for a feed of our green, grassy areas the bore sprinklers have created.  Everything else around us is crispy gold.  We had the sprinklers trained on the house when we were under threat.  One of the kangaroos must have misjudged and crashed into a verandah post!  Unfortunately, there's a sad ending; when I drove out of the gates this morning, a huge, beautiful grey was dead on the side of our driveway.  Whoever hit it had pulled it off the road.  Being a long weekend, that will lie there now until next Tuesday when the council man picks it up.  It is big and would have done a lot of damage to that person's car.

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