Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Warm Breezes of Spring...

"A girl without a friend is like the spring without roses." ~ French Proverb

"In springtime, love is carried on the breeze.
Watch out for flying passion or kisses 
whizzing by your head." ~ Emma Racine de Fleur

"Spring is nature's way of saying, 'Let's party!' ~ Robin Williams

"Spring makes its own statement, so loud and clear
that the gardener seems to be only one of the instruments, 
not the composer" ~ Geoffrey B. Charlesworth 

"Spring has returned.  The Earth is
like a child that knows poems." ~ Rainer Maria Rilke

"There is no winter without snow, 
no spring without sunshine,
and no happiness without companions." ~ Korean Proverb


akissfromthepast said...

i love the pic whit jumping lamp!

Cinner said...

I so love the pics, I love Spring, we are just going into fall. At least I am glad knowing it is Springtime in your neck of the woods. take care.

alaine@éclectique said...

akissfromthepast...I love that pic too; been waiting for spring to come to use it! Thanks for visiting!

alaine@éclectique said...

Cinner...I was thinking of you today and plan on dropping by your blog soon. Things have been hectic around here; brought my husband home from a week in hospital yesterday after a heart attack.

Do hope you're feeling good now after your recent hospital stay!

steven said...

life returning - your husband returning. i have not been able to spend much time wandering through my bloggy chums and i am sorry to have missed this because i would wished you and your husband well but i'll do that here all the same. i'm thinking good thoughts for both of you. steven

alaine@éclectique said...'re a dear; I have missed your visits here and thank you for thinking of us.

Maybe in a few months this will all be behind us; a new home and a new heartbeat for hubby...

Wanda..... said...

Seems I've missed a few of your posts, Alaine...just thought you were involved in your planned move. Truly sorry for husband's health situation, I know your concerns. We're just getting back to normal ourselves, after my husband's open-heart surgery back in December. Wish you both well.

alaine@éclectique said...

Wanda...we're still going through with the move, now a doubly anxious time for us but we'll get through. I know to expect months of recovery after the op.

So glad to hear your lives are returning to some normalcy and thank you for your good wishes, dear friend.

karena said...

It seems I've missed a few posts...thought you might be moved by now. Hope your husband's recovery goes quickly...and things get settled soon. Good to see you. xo
And happy spring...this always does the heart some and clean rain washed air...heals all.

Maison de lin said...


The pic whit the jumping lam is just perfect :-)and thanks for your good wishes my dear.

Good luck

Betsy said...

happy spring to you!

that picture of the lamb jumping just cracks me up! :)

Franka said...

Wish you lovely warming days in spring!

Autumn has arrived in Germany!

♥ Franka

LaPouyette said...

Dear Alaine,
I just learned that your husband was in serious 'trouble', and so good to hear that things are getting better. Good health for him and for both of you. Maybe it was somehow too much stress during the last few month, thinking to sell your place, preparing, and all....?

But now, spring is in the air! And spring brings always new energy and life.
The image with the little lamb jumping up is so lovely! The whole post is!

I was invited to join a blog-party from splenderosa. I agreed although I'm neither a club- nor a party person, but...

Then, in first week of August I received 2 blogger awards, which I had not passed on so far. So, I thought that this blog-event is the right opportunity for me to mention a few blogs which I like.
And - of course - Your one!

Whenever you find the time, have a look and I do hope that it will please you.

Take care and warmest greetings,

p.s. sorry about my English

alaine@éclectique said...

Franka...thank you for visiting! Spring and Autumn, favourites with everyone! Enjoy the months of beautiful colour!

alaine@éclectique said...

LaPouyette....Karin, thank you so much for including me in your blog-party!

Hubby is scheduled for open-heart surgery next week - your kind words mean a lot.

And...your English is excellent; I don't have a problem with it at all!

Cheers from Oz,

Renée Finberg said...

the leaping lamb is too adorable.