Friday, May 27, 2011

Melody Gardot - I love this voice....

Three days ago Mike and I were sitting
in a seafood restaurant in Launceston Tasmania,
the sun beaming through the windows onto our corner table
facing the water, boats drifting slowly by,
two flies fighting on the window pane,
the background music not at all imposing,
until I heard this voice,
which made the ambiance even more magic.

I asked the waitress who it was singing
and she kindly sourced it for me.

Do you likee?


Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Lainie:
Clearly a very romantic evening and we are so happy for you.

We assume that you are having a holiday on Tasmania, an island which we should love to visit for we understand that it is very beautiful.

steven said...

sweet song in a pretty place. lucky you two! steven

Cinner said...

The music is beautiful, sounds like a truly romantic time. enjoy your trip....I love the view from your deck on the sidebar....oh my....have a great weekend.

alaine@éclectique said...

Jane and Lance...actually, we were at lunch and later on that evening, an Italian restaurant. We arrived home yesterday.

Tasmania, it is said, is very much a small version of England. We are thinking of moving there.

alaine@éclectique said...

Steven...I'll be hearing a lot more of Melody and Tasmania is looking better every time we go!

alaine@éclectique said...

Cinner...that view is our house from a neighbour's plane!

Glad you like Melody and do hope somebody discovers your niece soon; she is very good!

lvroftiques said...

Alaine I think it's very sexy music *winks* Very smokey rich and romantic. Isn't it funny how the right song can take a place from nice to memorable? As I sit looking out at my rainy view I can imagine what it must've been like on that lovely sunny one in Tasmania.....I think I want to move there too! *winks* Vanna

alaine@éclectique said...

Vanna...a rainy view can be nice too if you don't get too much of it!

Julie@beingRUBY said...

HI Alaine
Sadly I can't play video/audio with my lousy internet at present.. so will have to take your word for it.. hehe

Thanks for popping over.. glad you like the stairs at Lay Foyatier.. that is my favourite shot from my first trip to Paris..

I laughed about your comment.. took me a while to figure out 'little room'.. sunday morning you know.. hehe.. I remember another blog friend said she had done the same.. or wanted to do the same.. and with Toulouse-Laurtrec's works also... fabulous!!

Have a great sunday and thanks again.. ciao xxxx Julie

Betsy said...

beautiful...and new to me!

alaine@éclectique said... first trip to Paris is still in my dreams! Pity you couldn't hear the clip. Have a great week!

alaine@éclectique said...

Betsy...the whole CD is great...soothing.

Angela Bell said...

Really reminded me of Paris!

Pierre BOYER said...

Great voice....
Thanks !


Maison de lin said...


This is si romantic, lucky to you :-)

Hugs and greetings

lvroftiques said...

Alaine I think the crewel duchesse is the one that would work best in my house too. Either that one or the mossy green *winks*

Alas I think we've crossed into the "too much rain" category here in Washington state *sighs* I wonder if we'll see summer? We didn't get more than a week or two of sunshine last summer, but compared to other parts of the US and the terrible weather they're having?....I'll take the rain any ole day! *winks* Vanna

alaine@éclectique said...

Vanna...Yep, the mossy green too; heck, they're all to die for!

We didn't have much of a summer might be getting warmer on the poles but everywhere else it's getting colder! I love rain, after 13 years of drought!