Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wood Ducks...quite at home

Australian Wood Duck 
Left: Female    Right: Male

The Australian Wood Duck, Maned Duck or Maned Goose, Chenonetta jubata, is a dabbling duck found throughout much of Australia.  It is the only living species in the genus, Chenonetta. Traditionally placed in the Anatinae (dabbling duck) subfamily, it might actually belong to the Tadominae (shellduck) subfamily and possibly the Ringed Teal is its closest living relative.        Source: Wikipedia 

they're always here at 'Sedgemere'
we call them 'our chooks'

they love the freshly mown grass

two days ago I was running
from room to room
trying not to spook them

taking shots through dusty windows

they always look happy...
after their walk, they'll sit quietly in the shade
and luxuriate!


steven said...

alaine, their breasts look like banks of summer clouds. last night a bunny sat at our back window - in the dark, twenty below zero, on a base of one metre of snow. he sat there, looking in. it's hard not to connect with our little animal friends. steven

Lyn said...

So great to see these beautiful scenes, in the midst of our fierce winter...and ducks with such balance and form..

Wanda..... said...

Oh, the life of a beautiful wood duck!!!

alaine@éclectique said...

Steven...amazing that a rabbit could survive in such freezing conditions! Aren't their breasts a work of art?! We see a lot of birds up close and I'm breathless sometimes at the colours and patterns.

alaine@éclectique said...

Lyn...they're a proud bird. My photos aren't the best and, unfortunately, don't do them justice, as I took them quickly through the windows.

I've read about your fierce winter and how about the cyclone about to hit our Queensland coast this evening? So much extreme weather world-wide.

alaine@éclectique said...

Wanda...Oh what a life and when they get too hot, they can go for a dip in the ponds next door! They've got a great life here!

ruma said...

Hello alaine.
The deep green space brings on a peaceful atmosphere. . .

Thank you for your visit.
Good weekend.

alaine@éclectique said...

Ruma....and thank you for visiting...I love your stories. We have a wet weekend here! Have a nice one!

LA POUYETTE - und die "Dinge des Lebens" said...

These ducks are lovely! And - of course - the pictures as well.
I envy you for all the green and sunshine in your garden!

Hope that you're not effected by the cyclone who went over Australia.

Have a lovely weekend and greetings from the Périgord - karin

alaine@éclectique said...

La Pouyette...hello Karin, yes, everything's still very green here; you wouldn't know we're in the last month of summer. We've had so much rain here and a lot of Melbourne was flooded yesterday. We're 2 hours away from the city and in a flood-safe area. The cyclone hit the top of the country and it's predicted that we'll get the tail-end of the rain from it next week!

Thank you for visiting and have a lovely weekend, yourself, in the Périgord!