Friday, February 25, 2011

Having a break...

Did you know that when you see snails climbing up a wall it's a sign of rain?
It works for us!

I'm going to be busy outside for a while;
M has left for England, Norway and Sweden
for three weeks
but I decided to have a little longer
break from running at airports and train stations.

There's a lot of work to be done
so I'll be outside with the snails
and other creepy crawlies.

I'll have to work on that week in Paris too!!


Steven Cain said...
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Mason Canyon said...

Never knew that about snails and rain. I'll keep an eye out. Enjoy the outsides.

Thoughts in Progress

Teri said...

I hardly ever see snails around here and I guess maybe it's because we don't have walls to have them climb up on. Maybe it gets too hot here or something. I do remember then being where I lived growing up. Sadly, we used to sprinkle salt on them. Children...we can be so cruel before we really understand, can't we?

alaine@éclectique said...

Teri....they crawl up our house walls and windows! I remember my brother sprinkling them with salt too. If one gets in the way today, I pick it up and put it somewhere grassy. I've just spent two hours pruning but it got too hot out there.

Renée Finberg said...

who knew???
snails crawling up walls
mean rain ?

do work too hard
enjoy your weekend x

ps have a croissant in paris for me

alaine@éclectique said...

Renée....I think Michael got the better deal, he's having a whale of a time and I got all the bloke's jobs! I'm seriously looking at apartments in Paris...