Saturday, October 16, 2010

I found my Janssens!!

I bought this little print in an antique shop many years ago.
I don't know about you but I can never leave an antique shop 
without making some small purchase!

All I had to go by was the handwritten note on the back,
'Dutch Interior by Janssens'
It's a bad shot, taken through the glass
but I didn't want to destroy the back any further.

Now, which Janssens?

Years ago I couldn't find much at all
and the other day, decided to do another search.

And, voila!!  But, do you notice anything different?
A maid has walked in to sweep the floor!
Nowhere could I find my painting with the little dog, sans maid.

My 'Janssens' is the Dutch painter Pieter Janssens (1623-1682).  Born in Bruges, the son of Gisbrecht Janssens, he was a 'Golden Age' painter and changed his name to Elinga in 1653.  His oeuvre was interiors and he is best known for his 'Perspective Box', which now hangs in the Museum Bredius in The Hague.

'Perspective Box'

Another 'Janssens' was Cornelis Janssens van Ceulen (1593-1661), an English portrait artist of Dutch or Flemish parents, who changed his name to Johnson when in England and Jonson when in Europe.  Art critic and historian, Alexander Joseph Finberg (1866-1939) said, "so long as auctioneers are born with an ingrained conviction that a foreign-looking name gives greater value to a picture than an English name, so long may we expect to find Cornelius (sic) Johnson or Jonson masquerading in catalogues as Cornelius Janssens."

Yet another is Abraham Janssens (also known as Abraham Janssens van Nuyssen), a Flemish 'Baroque Era' painter, c.1573-1632.

Now, to find this artist.  It's badly framed but I
had to have it!  Do you know the artist?


Derrick said...

Those Janssens were obviously a prodigious lot! Your print is lovely. I don't suppose the maid had time to hang around all day and the dog is cuter!

steven said...

cool revelations. i am so drawn to the work of dutch and flemish artists of that period. the simple lushness of their work is compelling. steven

Nancy said...

No, but I'm fascinated by the picture you have sans the the maid. Why was she removed and replaced with a dog for the print?? Or was it another print entirely?

Betsy said...

I don't know the artist, but I'm loving your little print..even without the maid there to sweep the floor! LOL! It's beautiful and I love the daylight coming in the room...lovely!

alaine@éclectique said...

It is so unusual! Perhaps an art expert could explain it but I very much doubt that such a person would be looking at my blog! Everything is exactly the same, except for the dog and the maid! Did they make prints back in the 17th Century?! One site said that it is the artist standing in the next room; quite often they put themselves in the picture.

maggie's garden said...

I like your print...but have no idea which Jannsen did it. Such a treasure regardless.
Thanks for the travel site. Hoping you'll share your trip with us here.

alaine@éclectique said...

MG...Karen, glad you got the travel link and all the best with your planning for Tuscany. Yes, when I return I'm sure to have some pics and stories to share!

BWS said...

No wonder you love it so. Glad you found the artist and know you will find more. Thanks for posting it for us.

Paul C said...

I have to think of the Antique Road Show and the surprising treasures people bring in. Engaging search.

a little obsessed said...

Heres another of the same interior but the maid has her back to the artist. He must have done a series?

alaine@éclectique said...

alo...Thankyou for that! The artist is sitting down in that one - I read somewhere that the artist had put himself in the picture. Yes, it would appear that it was a series! Nice to see you here. I'm in Italy at present, on the way to Milan tomorrow and looking forward to seeing more great works!