Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Making morning last....

Pic: "Tea Time" - Helen McConnell 1879-1915

I just love mornings;
I wish it were morning all day!
The silence before the sound of engines,
the sun still on the other side tingeing the clouds,
soon pushing long shadows across dewy grass,
highlighting spider webs,
shining through lace threaded with tiny pearls.

The soft, snoring of a ball of fluff at my feet;
still savouring the peace of night;
soon to be running to his favourite
morning spots in the garden.

The gentle tick, tick, tick of the clocks
that one barely hears behind the clatter of day.
Soft sounds of complaint coming from the iron roof
as the sun hits;
seemingly it, too, has relaxed over night,
is waking, stretching and gaining strength to face the day.

Oh, I love the morning;
I want it to last!


Susan said...

Oh, Alaine! You've expressed exactly how I feel about MY favorite time of the day! Thank you! I especially love what you said about the ticking of the clock that doesn't even enter your conscience during the daytime.

Perfect poem...and I want to sit at that table with you and have my morning coffee. :)

steven said...

i love the silence. the aloneness. the unfolding. steven

rallentanda said... have captured the magic of early morning serenity.
Good one!

Wanda said...

This poem echoes my feelings so perfectly. I love mornings, especially just before dawn, when the birds are just waking and breaking the silence with their "quiet noise" favorite time of day!

willow said...

...and feelin' groovy!

"snoring of a ball of fluff" made me smile.

Betsy said...

Lovely! I'm a morning person, too! :)

Alaine said...


Thankyou all for your visit and comments. I wrote that yesterday morning when hubby had gone back to bed but it's a different story this morning; the TV's blaring in the other room....

maggie's garden said...

What a beautiful description of your morning. Of course you know my favorite part would be the ticking of the clock. The tea time picture is just gorgeous. I think being able to sit quietly and enjoy a new day is a pleasure beyond measure! Thanks for the poem and visual treat!

Nancy said...

Lovely writing, Alaine. I'm more of a night owl, although I love that the morning is always full of promise for the day.

Alaine said...

Karen, just knew you'd love mornings too!

Alaine said...

Nancy...thankyou. I used to be a night owl and a morning grumpy but over the 31 years with my bubbly second husband, I had to change and I'm glad of it! Thanks for visiting.