Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sam the Koala Immortalised

Sam at the Museum
Pic: Melbourne Herald Sun

You might remember my stories about Sam the Koala who became a symbol of hope to so many when she was rescued on Black Saturday back in February this year. With a lot of special care, Sam recovered from her ordeal but sadly died from the disease that affects up to 50% of the Koala population, Chlamydia (R.I.P. Sam the Koala). Sam has been immortalised and her new home is up a gum tree at Museum Victoria in Melbourne.

Another feel good story is about Old Cocky who has lived with Bessie & Jim McMahon at Kinglake (ravaged by the fires) for about ten years.

Old Cocky

"Mrs McMahon (84) and her husband Jim, 89, sheltered 35 terrified neighbours, relatives and strangers at her 80ha property on Black Saturday while she fought spot fires with her bare hands.

They put buckets of water around Old Cocky's cage in the carport to help him brave the February 7 firestorm.

He first turned up in Kinglake about a decade ago when he flew into their neighbours' garden and they asked if Bessie would look after him.

'When we first got him he had feathers on him but he stresses out a little bit and loses them,' she said. 'He used to swear like a trooper in those days but he's got a few manners now.'" - Source: Melbourne Herald Sun

Old Cocky playing with Jack Russell terrier, Leo


Nancy said...

Old Cocky is precious. And brave! What a dear story. Fires are so scary, aren't they? We've been having controlled burns here at Lake Tahoe all week. The fear is an out-of-control fire will burn and the Lake will lose it's clarity, due to runoff. So they round up all the "fuel" and have huge bonfires that they leave to burn by themselves. They usually do it during late fall and winter when the ground is wet. But it's eerie and unerving to come across a half mile of burning piles of brush and dead trees, especially at night.

RIP Sam.

RNSANE said...

I must say that "Old Cocky" is not the prettiest bird I've ever seen. How nice of the old couple to take him in and clean up his language a bit.

Sad about Sam. At least, he is forever memorialized!

Alaine said...

Hi Nancy, yes, it would be unnerving to come across a burn-off at night-time. Sometimes those 'controlled burns' get away.

Alaine said...

Hi Carmen, Sam was HUGE here; the sight of him drinking from a bottle of water was amazing at that dreadful time in our history.

Isn't Old Cocky a treat! I tell you, we throw crumbs to them every day and they are the funniest birds!

Derrick said...

Hi Alaine,

I have to admit rather more affection for Sam than for Old Cocky!

steven said...

alaine it's amazing how the resilience of our little friends stands as such a powerful reminder to us of the incredible inner strength that living things possess. have a lovely day. steven

FireLight said...

What a perfect pair...looks as if they are great pals! Good to know Old Cocky has been positively influenced by his new associations. This is a great story! Thanks for stopping by my little corner.

willow said...

Poor Old Cocky. He's looking a bit worse for wear, but then, I can certainly relate!