Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Opening Minutes of a Film

I look at you
like the opening minutes of a film,
when you don't yet know
what to focus on.

In the long corridor on the way to the station
you are walking away from me
against the adverts in the subway

I must be following you.
You are a long shot that never recedes.

I want you to look at me.
You look back, maybe to see
if we're going in the same direction.

You slow down so much
your hair seems liquid.

I don't know where we're going
I want to touch the side of your neck,
this slows you in the electric light.

We both know something is about to happen.
I don't want to talk.

Keep walking, but look back
So we know we are together.

Gabeba Baderoon

Photo: Matt O'Sullivan


willow said...

Beautiful. So nice with the photo, too.

Hey, you're back! Hope you had a wonderful time in the Big Apple.

Love-love the load of Christmas trees in your header pic.

Alaine said...

Willow, thank you and yes, we had a great time; all too short though it was. xa

Bonnie, Original Art Studio said...

Provocative and mysterious.

Alaine said...

Hi Bonnie, that's what gets me in; I love this girl's writing.

Derrick said...

Hi Alaine,

Mysterious indeed. Somehow, the words seem to suit the idea of a continental, black & white film. I like your header photo too.

Alaine said...

Hello Derrick, yes, one of those films that leaves you wondering at the end! The header... thanks, I love vintage photos.

Maggie's garden said...

I love your header and the poem. Your blog page is looking great. Love your color choices and as always your content is enjoyable.

Alaine said...

Thank you, Karen. It's great to get encouragement. I'm coming up to my 1st anniversary soon and was wondering whether to slow right down. I think I have RSI in my 'mouse arm' also; it is so sore! It's going to be worse after writing Christmas cards! Thanks for popping in! xa

Lyn said...

One of the best I've read in a "moving"..ready for the close-up, Mr. DeMille!
Love the header..

Alaine said...

Hi Lyn, It looks simple, like a long haiku, really. Just thoughts going through her head. I'd give it a try but I feel I'd be giving too much of myself away! Of course you'd love the header; my, how the world's changed, even in our lifetime!