Friday, November 13, 2009

Proud Music of the Storm

Storm in the Rocky Mountains
Albert Bierstadt, 1830-1902

Proud music of the storm,
Blast that careers so free, whistling across the prairies,
Strong hum of forest tree-tops - wind of the mountains,
Personified dim shapes - you hidden orchestras,
You serenade of phantoms with instruments alert,
Blending with Nature's rhythmus, all the tongues of nations;
You chords left as by vast composers - you choruses,
You formless, free, religious dancers - you from the Orient,
You undertone of rivers, roar of pouring cataracts,
You sounds from distant guns with galloping cavalry,
Echoes of camps with all the different bugle-calls,
Trooping tumultuous, filling the midnight late, bending me powerless,
Entering my lonesome slumber-chamber, why have you seiz'd me?

Walt Whitman
1st stanza


Tom Atkins said...

What a lovely piece of writing!

Alaine said...

Tom, it's wonderful in its entirety.

Susan said...

Bierstadt is one of my favorite artists! The light in that one is so perfect. The Whitman underscores it perfectly!

Derrick said...

Hi Alaine,

Just catching up here! The sounds of nature certainly can form their own orchestra and out do anything mere man might attempt!

Loved seeing the views from your home and the mysterious trail in the sky. Might have been another Superman pod from Krypton!!

Alaine said...

Hello Susan, that's what attracted me to his work, the lighting. I read the other day that it was a technique the Hudson River School (Bierstadt was part of) worked on - romantic, glowing lighting, sometimes called luminism. Thanks for visiting and do hope you're feeling better. xa

Alaine said...

Hello Derrick, I have missed you! I love the way both of these artistes have captured nature! Regarding the thing in the sky, I also thought of kryptonite!