Monday, November 2, 2009

The Melbourne Cup

We're all looking forward to The Melbourne Cup tomorrow, Australia's major annual thoroughbred horse race held at Flemington Racecourse in Melbourne.

Wishing Michelle good luck on the day! She's riding Allez Wonder.


Lyn said...

I only seem to pay attention to the big races..over here..the Kentucky Derby..and then for some reason I just stand there and cheer the winner front of the TV!

Alaine said...

Lyn, that's exactly what I do! I have never been to the Cup, hate listening to the race calls but love the horses and pray that nothing awful happens!

I have no idea what horses are running, except for the one Michelle is riding. She was interviewed on TV yesterday and I was more interested in her story; the last of ten children and her mother being killed in a car accident when she was six months old.

FireLight said...

How exciting! Same here, Lyn & Alaine...I always watch the races of the Triple Crown on TV ...and really do get into it!
However, there is a big annual steeplechase just down the road from my school at Callaway Gardens, Georgia which is held every first Saturday in November. I do enjoy this! I always say a silent prayer for the horses...such beautiful creatures!
(I left a response to your post at TKR. Thank you for popping in!)

Reya Mellicker said...

How cool to see a woman jockey. Maybe I'm out of the loop but I tend to think of that as a men's profession.

Watching horses run - or race - always awes me. They are such beautiful animals!

Alaine said...

Hello Firelight, we'll watch the race on TV this afternoon. I suppose we'd better pick a horse!

My son and his wife have flown down from the Gold Coast to attend with friends!! We won't catch up though as Melbourne is two hours away.

Alaine said...

Hi Reya, did you read her story? My son tells me that her Father struggled on and raised all ten children on his own.

Alaine said...

Firelight, I forgot to say; what a beautiful header!!!!!!!

Derrick said...

Hi Alaine,

And there I was, for a moment, thinking you'd be wearing all your finery and a big hat! Which of course, I suppose you still could do, in front of the TV? I hope your lady jockey did well.

Alaine said...

Hi Derrick, it was an exciting race, as usual; "Shocking" came out of nowhere. Our woman jockey came in 16th in a field of 23.