Monday, October 12, 2009

Which Shoes for the Ball?

I couldn't choose,
so I bought both pair!
Love the patterned hose!

Madly sewing for the Willow Manor Ball!


DUTA said...

I'm afraid I'm also like that. When I can't decide between two items I have to buy them both in the end.

willow said...

Never being able to make a decision, I think you did right by buying both gorgeous pair!! Can't wait to see the rest of the ensemble. :)

Land of shimp said...

Well hello! I love the layout of your blog, and the images you're using. I actually came over from DUTA's blog for the oddest reason -- we have the same first name, well, almost, there is no "i" in my name.

I thought I'd at least stop by and say "Hello!" as it's actually quite unusual to encounter anyone with even a variation of the name.

I'll continue to read but *waving* I was 23 before I met anyone with the same name, and she'd grown up in Montana. She absolutely freaked out because she'd been teased mercilessly growing up.

I also once got an email from a woman in Las Vegas who had the exact same first name and who had searched out everyone in the U.S. with the same first name.

Just saying "Helllooooo fellow person with an unusual (by U.S. standards) first name!"


Barbara said...

Ilove both pair of shoes excuse my ignorance but what and where is the Willow Manor Ball ??

Alaine said...

Hello Alane, well, it's the first time I've seen it spelt that way. I keep getting called Elaine, which I don't like; it's a nice name but my name is Alaine! My husband and friends call me Lainie; do you get that? Mine is the French version, to tie in our heritage.

Thanks for your kind comments, Alane and please visit again.

Alaine said...

Hello Duta, when we flew to Rome a couple of years ago, my feet swelled up so much. I had a dinner to go to and couldn't wear sneakers! We were staying in an hotel hear the Spanish Steps (wonderful shops everywhere) and we found a shoe shop having an end-of-season sale. Well, I was like a kid in a candy shop; hand-made Italian fashion shoes!! I had the same dilemma and walked out with two pair!

Thanks for visiting and do come back!

Alaine said...

Willow, I'm not all that happy with my dress but time's running out; I'll just have to tizz it up a bit! I'll have to borrow Liz's Noor diamond tiara.

Alaine said...

Hi Barbara, if you click in my post on Willow Manor Ball you will be directed to Willow's blog which will explain all. Willow had a Ball at the Manor last year and it was so successful that she's having another.

We're all play-acting, my dear. I've got the shoes, been sewing my dress, have booked for hair, nails, facial, spa, etc., etc., tehe! :o)

Tracy said...

Tough choice....I'd have gotten both too! Have a beautiful time at the ball this week! :o)

Alaine said...

Tracy, thank you, it's going to be huge fun! :>)

Land of shimp said...

Hi Alaine,

I did assume that yours is the French version, and like mine is the female version of the name "Alan" or "Alain" :-) I do get called "Elaine", very frequently and most of the time I just let it go. However, I'll share with you the way I finally figured out to help people learn to pronounce my name. I only do this when I'm going to be seeing some repeatedly, "It's like this A Street, A Road, A Lane." Everyone gets it after that :-)

I've only ever had one person call me Lainie, but my husband does call me a nickname (oddly enough, not "shimp" but "Woo."...for no earthly reason I can name).

Take care, and I will stop back again. Seriously, try the "A Street..." etc. if you are ever having trouble making people understand that you are not mispronouncing "Elaine" and that you actually have an entirely different name :-) Works like a charm.

Alaine said...

Hi Alane, that's exactly what I do! I say, "a lane, as in a street or a road" and they get it but later on call me Elaine or Aileen or Alana! My father's name was/is Allan.

We have some crested pigeons here that we call Woos, as they walk around saying, "woo, woo".

Leah said...

Lovely shoes! just lovely.