Monday, October 19, 2009


Azalea (Karume)
'Kasane Kagaribi'

Don't Know - bulbs lifted from side of road.

Clematis 'Snowflake'

Cedrela sinensis
or Toona sinensis 'Flamingo'
Chinese Cedar

Azalea (Karume)




Azalea (Indica)
'Kees Bier'
Double Rose


Grevillea Rosmarinifolia

Mini Bush Rose
bought in 1988,
placed in large pot in courtyard
for daughter's wedding day,
3rd December.

Moved with us in 1999,
now 5ft tall.

Orange Blossom

Clivia miniata

'Edith Holden' Climbing Rose

Any day now.


lakeviewer said...

What beautiful flowers/bushes. It feels lush and tropical.

Alaine said...

Hello Lakeviewer, it is lush at the moment but will dry out very quickly in the next month or two. We're in fog this morning. Our tropical States are further North, we're south-eastern Australia. Thanks for coming by. xa

Bonnie, Original Art Studio said...

Alaine!!! Your garden is to die for! Oh my, the white clematis so full and lush, and the pink/coral cedar?? (sorry I forget the name), and the pink rose is just perfection. How you must be enjoying Spring and reaping the rewards of years of planting and cultivating your perennials. I want to come and visit right now! DH and I have been raking dry, brown leaves all day today. Each season has it chores, doesn't it?

steven said...

wow!!! lush is the word that sat on my lips as i looked at this incredible variety of plants in their most beautiful spring showiness!!!! there are very few flowers still around here now that we have had several heavy frosts and the nighttime temperatures are consistently below zero. keep posting these gorgeous pictures for your poor freezing friends in the north!!! thanks steven

willow said...

It's so strange to think it's spring in your neck of the woods. The macro shot of the Grevillea Rosmarinifolia is fantastic!!

Alaine said...

Hello Bonnie, when I look around and take photos, I'm quite surprised at the variety here. We didn't want a large garden here because of the water situation and it's not but yes, it is rewarding and I'm kept busy most of the year (hubby is not a gardener!).

Alaine said...

Hello Steven, I took some photos of my friend's garden when I went for that bush walk recently. Will post some more colour shortly.

Alaine said...

Hello Willow, thanks, that Grevillea is such a tiny bloom but exquisite - but what flower isn't? We'll be experiencing Fall in New York next month. Have heard it's snowing already; will have to invest in some thermals!

Gypsy Purple said...

This is such a lovely post!!! I`m also an azalea lover and just love, love , love flowers!!!!

Alaine said...

Gypsy Purple, thank you and thank you for following me; I'll return the favour as I've just been over to see your blog and found it very elegant. I love all things French as well; my Great-Grandfather was French and I have yet to trace the family back to France.

I sit and study flowers and I find their structure, detail and colour incredible.

I was going through my flower tags the other day and found so many azalea tags. I don't know what happened to them all but I now only have seven.

Lani said...

What an Artistic blog you have.And what a beautiful garden you have. Your Orange Blossoms are devine.

Anonymous said...

A lovely collection of flowers at their finest.

Reya Mellicker said...

Glorious spring images! Wow, I love all the different shades of pink especially.

Thanks, too, for the world sunlight map. I love being in contact with people from all over our beautiful planet. Very cool!!

Happy spring!

Friko said...

Now you really are showing off; so many of your plants grow in my garden too; they are all ready for bedding down and being put to bed for the winter. I love the snowflake but, I am sad to say, it is gone, cut down to some little sticky stems a couple of inches above ground.
Do go on showing me your riches, I may moan but at least you remind me of what will happen again next year.

The bookwaorm oainting in your sidebar, is that by a German painter? I seem to remember being offered a very similar painting for sale. I am still kicking myself that I didn't buy it.

Alaine said...

Lani, thank you; that's a nickname I get, although spelt differently. xa

Alaine said...

Hello Abe, they'll need some water today; we're expecting our first hot day with 28C expected.

Alaine said...

Reya, thanks. I can't stop looking at the sunlight map; a new toy!

Alaine said...

Hello Friki, the painting is by Carl Spitzweg. Here is the Wiki link for it -

I ordered it through a framer and had it framed as a gift for my hubby.

We have a lot of comments from people who want to get it too.

Lyn said...

Never tire of your beautiful photos, it's a long way till spring here but these pics always does it!

Alaine said...

Hi Lyn, I'll keep you warm with spring and summer colour!

Vagabonde said...

What an array of exquisite flowers. Our flowers are fading just like our warm weather. The colors of your flowers are so beautiful, especially the camellia – a pink so very soft and clear that I think if I touch the screen of my computer I shall feel its softness.

Alaine said...

Hi Vagabonde, that camellia is particularly lovely and notice the little scrunched up petals in the middle, slowly opening out. I also love the double rose azalea, so like a rose.

I'm not a 'pink person', can't wear it but I love pink flowers. Next to that camellia is another variety with tiny pink flowers.

vicki archer said...

Magnificent shots Alaine....I don't feel like thinking about winter after looking at these, xv.

Alaine said...

Hello Vicki, isn't life grand!! Nice to hear from you! xa

Susan said...

Holy cow! Spring arrives in a hurry and a flurry, doesn't it?!!! I've never seen so many gorgeous flowers in one place in my life!

Tracy said...

Such a glorious spring you're having, Alaine! The clematis and camellia are dazzling! So good to catch up with you here. I've been a bit MIA in recent days and in a bubble--hubby & I have been up to our elbows in some interior painting & wallpapering. Finally back in blogland and catching up. Happy Days :o) ((HUGS))

Derrick said...

Hi Alaine,

Your flower photos have everyone talking! Certainly does look beautiful. At least we have the autumn colours to admire for a little while. You will certainly notice a difference when you hit New York!

Phoenix C. said...

I still find it so amazing that spring is flowering in some places when we are in Autumn here! And yet there are the signs of spring already in my garden - buds formed for next year - and all the wonderful workings of nature.

Anonymous said...

Hello Alaine.
It´s a pleasure to see your photos, from your beautiful garden, i love the colors, of this amazing shots, it´s a lovely collection of flowers/bushes, thank´s for sharing.
All the best, have a nice day, see you soon.

José Filipe 21-10-2009

Nancy said...

You have a gorgeous yard! I have some african violets given me when my daughters were born - they are now 26 and 22!

Alaine said...

Thank you all for visiting; I'll drop by your place soon.

Delwyn said...

Hi Alaine
what a gorgeous display and so like Christchurch - similar climates I imagine except for summer's heat.
Happy days

Alaine said...

Hello Delwyn, I was telling hubby about your post on the beautiful flowers of Christchurch and he said that CCh has some of the most exquisite English-style gardens. NZ is on my travel list; DMJ's been there many times, flyfishing. About time I went!

blackbird said...

I can almost smell the lilacs but as quickly as the year is going- it'll be spring here soon. Enjoy the lushness.