Saturday, October 3, 2009


I took Taj for a walk on Friday
to visit a friend up the back of our place.
Hope you've got time to
view to the end;
only 15 pics.

On past one of the pretty ponds next door.

Alpacas in the distance.
Taj hasn't seen them yet;
he turns around occasionally
to see if I'm still coming.

Big Al and Choko

Looking West across the valley;
rain was threatening.

Some of the old Gums around here are huge.

Cows grazing in the pretty paddocks.

Friend's house in distance.

Olive grove over there.
The oil is processed for their table.

Up the hill;
Taj still leading.

We've arrived.

Looking down on the path we walked.

View to Cathedral Mountain,
hidden in the mist.

Time to return home
to our house in the valley,
just opposite the row of poplars mid picture.

This shot was taken November 2007.
Our border is the row of gums top of picture.
The neighbour's horse grazes in the back paddock.
Our trees have grown so much since then.
Some look like little dots in this pic.
You can see how much grass we have to mow!
A lovely place to live.
Hope you enjoyed the walk!


Delwyn said...

Hi Alaine

thank you for that lovely GREEN walk through the country side and looks so verdant.

You are lucky to live in such a tranquil setting...

Happy days

Barbara said...

Oh Alaine I really did enjoy that walk never been up there before.
Now I feel very tired thanks for that


Alaine said...

Hello Delwyn, it is very pretty all around right now but in another month or two the paddocks will be golden.

Alaine said...

Hi Barbara, I love exploring. I must take a walk up Thoms Lane before it gets too hot. Coming with me? DMJ found a road into the mountain side of the river the other day; we'll explore that soon. He said that the view over the valley is specky.

Vagabonde said...

thank you for coming to my blog. I did not know the word moggy and had to look it up. It said it was a UK word, but I guess it is Australian too? My American husband had never heard it either. You have a beautiful blog and I’ll come back.

Bonnie, Original Art Studio said...

Alaine - what beautiful countryside in which to dwell! Even the cows have beautiful paddocks . . . enjoyed the stroll with you - I imagine Taj loved it too.

Alaine said...

Hello Vagabonde, welcome and please do come back. Yes, I believe it's an English word. I am married to an Englishman so I suppose that's how I picked up the word :^)

Alaine said...

Hello Bonnie, it is a lovely spot. The hills opposite us are covered in yellow cape daisy. Looks pretty but the weed it springs from is a pest.

Taj absolutely loves being off the lead and running free.

Susan said...

Wow! Such a beautiful walk, Alaine! Everything looks so green and lush after the rains you've been having. Isn't it marvelous?

steven said...

wow alaine - what a beautiful area to live in!!! i love visiting here and over at delwyn's because you have both completely rebuilt my knowing of australia. today we have an australian school principal moving in to live with us for a couple of weeks! i'm so excited!! i can't help thinking that one day i'll visit your country for real but for now i am truly grateful for the walk today - so beautiful!!!! steven

T. Clear said...

You certainly live in a beautiful spot!

Friko said...

I always like ti when people take me on their walks where they live, it makes the 'virtual' friend so much more real.
thank you very much.

Lyn said...

What a great pleasure it was for me to take this walk with you..Big Al and'em!

Alaine said...

Hi Lyn, it's a lovely walk. The alpacas are there to guard the sheep (none there at the moment) from foxes. They're cute but will spit if you get too close!!

Derrick said...

Hi Alaine,

Very much enjoyed the walk. My favourite type!

Nancy said...

You live in such a beautiful place! Thanks for taking us for a walk, I just wish I could be there to actually get the exercise, too!

Alaine said...

Hello, glad you tagged along!

Alaine said...

Hello Nancy, I love that picture of you holding the baby.

It's a lovely day here; I should get out for another walk.

blackbird said...

Thanks for taking me on the lovely walk with you. And, I'm glad to see the alpacas working too. My sister in Colorado has always wanted one or two of them to keep with her horses.