Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Feathered Visitors This Week

here's our little Thrush friend
visits every year

so pretty

Crested Pigeon
having a rest between showers

Blue Wren
there's a family 
living in the 
Grevillea rosmarinifolia hedge

eastern slender-billed Corella
Cacatua tenuirostris

and look what blew in,
an old, scruffy, rain-drenched cocky
he was as funny as a circus,
a spooky bird

with a lump of bread in his left claw
they all eat with their left claw,
never the right
with every mouthful
he'd jerk his head around
making sure his little morsel
wouldn't be stolen

magpies having a ball
in a pond
it rained all day on Sunday
it is the wettest September
we've had in nine years

and look what waddled over the block
last Thursday
a black swan walking her chicks
to another stretch of water

there is a beautiful 40 acre property
next door to us
16 acres of it ponds
thus, it's called "The Ponds"
she would have nested there

and was on her way 2km
up the road to The Pondage
where we saw her this morning
on our walk
she had found her mate

she only had three chicks left,
two probably taken by eagles

luckily I'd taken along the little Olympus
but couldn't see in the viewer
so just took a punt that
I'd captured them

and, thankfully, I had!!


steven said...

oh alaine - what a collection!!!! the scruffy cockatoo is my fave though!!!!!! have a peaceful day. steven

Betsy said...

I love birds! We don't have blue wrens here in the states! And I've never seen a black swan beautiful!

Barbara said...

Why would she want to leave the sanctuary of the Ponds to go 2kms
up the road to the public pondage I wonder..

Delwyn said...

Hi Alaine

I had my first encounter with the Superb Blue Wren in the Wallum on Monday...but so elusive to photograph...I managed to snap the female though...
He is just stunning and such a sweet little trill.

I have a post written waiting in my queue...

Happy days

Alaine said...

Hi Steven, the scruffy cocky came back on Monday and was dried out a bit. He looked a bit more presentable for the table but made us laugh with his antics!

Alaine said...

Betsy, isn't the Wren lovely?! He and his missus (plain brown) and the kids come in of an evening to have a swim in the birdbath, when all of the larger birds have gone to roost.

I hope the remaining cygnets keep safe.

Alaine said...

Barbara, is that you, neighbour? I wondered the same thing; she'd be a lot safer staying at The Ponds.

Bonnie, Original Art Studio said...

Alaine: How blessed you are - such a fantastic variety of feathered friends. I loved the blue wren - and the cockatoo did look like a stand-up comedian - who'd had one too many. And black swanns - sigh . . .

Alaine said...

Delwyn, yes, you have to be quick. That shot is a little out of focus and I can't take the blame for that one!

I'll look forward to your post on the Wallum; that is a beautiful place to walk!

Alaine said...

Hi Bonnie, we are lucky. I lost a dozen bird photos this week, no idea where they went!! Perplexing. First time it's happened and I'm rather annoyed with myself. But I'll get over it.

Susan said...

Oh my goodness, that thrush's coloring is so delicate and I've never seen a blue wren before, didn't even know they existed! The black swan and her babies are very sweet!

I'm really happy that you're getting rain!

willow said...

This was a lovely birdy post. I must say the poor cockatoo looks like he's see better days.

The blue wren was new to me and totally stunning!

Alaine said...

Hello Willow, cocky's certainly lived a long while; they can live to well over 100!

The blue wren is also called the Superb Fairywren and here is Wikipedia's page on it -

America has a lot of birds we don't have, like hummers and woodpeckers.

Anonymous said...

Hello Alaine.
You have here some great photos, your blog is an inspiration for those o love photography, it was a pleasure to navigate here, thanks for sharing.
All the best have a nice day, see you soon.

José Filipe - 30-09-2009

Alaine said...

Jose, thank you for visiting and your very nice comments. And also, thanks for following. I haven't been able to get your photo blog up; must be my computer; will try another time.

Derrick said...

Hi Alaine,

Your birds seem to have made quite a draw! I love the blue wren too. It's always interesting to see birds of other countries. Even your magpies are different to ours.

Tracy said...

So much enjoy your bird posts, Alaine...I love seeing the birds in your part of the world. Don't you love when the same birds return...I always find that comforting some how. Thank you for sharing these feathered-friends today. :o) ((HUGS))

Lyn said...

How elegant that black swan straight and keep taking these pics, I'll keep looking!

Alaine said...

Susan, I'm glad that I introduced you to the Blue Wren! The rain is fabulous but the grass keeps growing and I have four acres of lawn to mow!

T. Clear said...

Birds from the other side of the planet! Lovely! (Especially that blue wren.)