Monday, July 6, 2009


I have just watched again a "Lost Worlds" documentary on Timgad in North Africa, a Roman city founded by Trajan in 100AD. It was sometimes called the Pompeii of North Africa and also a 'mini-Rome'. The Roman Empire connected countries by 9000km of paved roads.

Timgad (called Thamugas or Thamugadi by the Romans) was destroyed by the Berbers in the 7th century and, thanks to 19th century archaeologists, the city began to be uncovered in 1881. Uncovered to reveal a fabulous Roman city, complete with a triumphal arch, public baths, fountains, a theatre, a library, a forum, more than 200 beautiful mosaics and sophisticated town planning; the engineers had thought of everything. An underground reservoir collected every drop of water for the bathhouses, pools and fountains and there was also a modern drainage and sewage system that many cities still don't have today.

They even had lavatories that could be heated in Winter - modern day luxuries in 100AD! Timgad was only one of the Roman cities in North Africa.


willow said...

That's me with my little shovel back there, hunkered down behind one of those columns.

I_am_Tulsa said...

Those toilet seats are neat! lol
...and I'm a couple of columns behind willow holding a bucket!

Alaine said...

It would have been fantastic to have been on that team.

Susan said...

Wow, that is fascinating! Had never heard of it. It's amazing what the ancient peoples have to teach us, isn't it?

Derrick said...

Hello Alaine,

There is no doubt about the Roman's sophistication. We saw some of their skill in Tunis, which has the Antonine baths, water cisterns and an area of villa remains. Also the most amazing mosaics in the Bardo Museum.

Thanks for your comment on my poem. No crazy aunt, thankfully!

Dave King said...

Superb blog. I shall be back for more!

vicki archer said...

Those Romans were certainly industrious - great shots and a fabulous program. xv

Alaine said...

Susan, we never stop learning.

Derrick, no doubt at all and I hope our trip comes off next year; a few more days in Rome would be magic.

Dave, thank you and yes, do come back!

Vicki, indeed. Hope you had a great weekend and very memorable 21st Birthday celebrations for your daughter!

Tracy said...

Fantastic and fascinating...I've long had interest in history and this thrills! Thanks for sharing, Alaine. Happy Day :o)