Sunday, July 12, 2009


We've come such a long way!

I'm back on line! The internet dropped out last Wednesday afternoon and, after several calls to the phone company and checking that the modem was set up correctly, we then had to wait for the main provider to check our line. We still had telephone (had to disconnect four phones and plug them back in to make sure they weren't at fault) and they said that the modem line was there, waiting to connect.

Well, I know it's been only four days (Sunday morning here), but we've been 'towy'. This morning I looked at the wall socket and thought, "I just might try the righthand side". I pulled the plug out, waited a few seconds, plugged it back in and, 'voila!', we were back on!!!

Does this look familiar?

So now I have some reading to do! I've missed your stories every morning.


Delwyn said...

Welcome back Alaine

My desk PC looks a little like your corner, but the back of the tv stereo set up is worse!!!

and those 5 remotes on the coffee table.... Time I bought one of those new universal ones.

Enjoy your Sunday - ours is sunny, warm, slow and peaceful...

Happy days

Alaine said...

Hi Delwyn, Have had a happy weekend; a visit to our sometimes neighbours, walking there and back, lots of rain, watched a couple of DVD movies and we're back on the www!!

Derrick said...

Hello Alaine,

Awful to be cut off, isn't it? We get so dependant on these things!

First time I've seen a photograph of AGB, thanks. And I'm sure that we all have our own 'spaghetti junction' hidden away!

Happy reading.

Lizzy Frizzfrock said...

Yes, welcome back. I know how it feels to be without www. Had that experience due to a lightening strike a few months back.
Aren't wires running here & there the pits! I do have a wireless device (router) for my computer so I don't have as many wires running as we do on the G-man's PC.
Hope you have a good week. This Sunday morning is very nice here.

ruthie said...

Alaine, that makes me feel so much better, i have a tangle of wires that look just the same, it really bugs me! i am just catching up on blog reading today, life is soo busy!

Alaine said...

Hello Lizzy & Ruthie, I have the same mess in my room, I try to hide it with a box of tissues and a hat!