Sunday, June 28, 2009


This statue of Princess Alexandra (later Queen of King Edward V111), is the work of English sculptor Charles Somers and is made of Sicilian marble. It was presented to the National Gallery of Victoria by Sir W. J. Clarke Bart in 1878, together with three other statues by the same artist, representing Queen Victoria. It was later offered and accepted by the Shire of Alexandra in 1939 where it stood in several locations in Perkins Street and later refurbished and moved to its present location in 1993. The official unveiling occurred on 3rd September 1994, celebrating the 125th anniversary of the Shire of Alexandra.

This sculpture, in my town, was by local artist and sculptor, Bruno Torfs, whose beautiful garden in Marysville was destroyed by the recent bushfire. Get an update of the restoration here and click on Rebuilding. Our town attracts many recreational fisher persons as it has the weir, the pondages and there are several rivers and streams nearby, so this statue is quite apt.

The sculpture following is of a woodcutter, also created by Bruno. It stands outside the Information Centre in Alexandra, a neighbouring town. The town is surrounded by eucalypt and mountain ash forests and timber mills.


Tracy said...

I admire arts of all kinds, sculpture included. The princess at the top is so lovely and regal... and the wooden man is fantastic. It's amazing to see such wood sculpture--and to see them being made, with chain saws and chisels! Happy weekend, Alaine :o)

Susan said...

My goodness, what a wealth of culture you have surrounding you! I certainly can't say the same for the Marysville where I live. Small midwestern town with grain elevators in the middle of town. Nice courthouse, though. I'll have to take a picture someday.

I really love the Bruno statues!

Virginia said...

Thank you for visiting my Paris blog. I see you are enjoying Vici's book. I loved it too! What a beutiful blog you have. I'll try and visit often.

Alaine said...

Yes, Tracy, the artisans are so clever, to turn what's in their mind into something amazing - I'll take a little bit off here, put a bit more clay on here - truly fantastic.

Susan, yes, love to see your Courthouse!

Virginia, your Paris blog and your photography is delightful. I've just GOT to get there before my days are up!!

Derrick said...

Hello Alaine,

Alexandra seems to be in a very appropriate setting. Such a different style to the modern pieces but they clearly reflect their time and locations too.