Sunday, June 7, 2009


Osso Bucco - photo from

Last night we had Osso Bucco, just fall off the bone, melt in the mouth, delicious, warm and nourishing for a cold night. I cooked it slowly on the stove top in a large, deep frying pan with a glass lid for 90 minutes.

However, I'm thinking about buying a Slow Cooker; something to set and forget, instead of checking every 10 minutes on a pan simmering on the stove. Years ago we called the slow cooker a 'crock-pot' and I remember the girls in the office saying that they'd put a meal on ready to return to that evening. I didn't get a crock-pot as I would never leave the house and leave something electrical like that on.

I have a pressure cooker and still use it occasionally but it is decades old and I like the idea of the slow cooker rather than a new pressure cooker, to use maybe two or three times a week and give me more time for other things. Do you have a slow cooker and are you happy with it?


blackbird said...

I bought a slow cooker a couple of years ago and find that I don't use it much. It's handy to take food to parties that needs to be kept hot.

I love slow cooked stews and meats but like to use my cast iron pots and skillets in the oven. I have an old gas stove with pilot lights so it's warm all the time.

My biggest worry with my new fancy crock pot is that it will damage my counter tops. They are formica and the instruction booklet says to only use it on a heat proof surface. My kitchen is very small and my choices are my pull-out cutting boards or the flat top of my stove.

I thought that I would use it more and some people do find that it fits their lifestyle well. I have a friend who makes soup in hers once a week.

I still have mine as it's handy for parties but it does take up space- in a closet, not in my kitchen. I do love Osso Bucco- also oxtail stew.

Ladybug said...

That would be my problem too, storing it. I'll have to dispose of some things I never get out of the cupboard to make room for it.

willow said...

Ditto here. I have a fairly new large slow cooker, but prefer to use my cast iron pots in the oven.

We're just starting grill season over on this side of the world!

Ladybug said...

Well, that's interesting, two in favour of cast-iron pots. I have one but have only used it on the BBQ. Will bring it inside and get some use out of it this winter.

Love grills, especially lamb chops!

Premium T. said...

I love to use both cast iron and my slow cooker. I wouldn't put a cast iron pot in the oven and then leave for the day, but I feel comfortable doing that with my crock pot!

Today, it's a pork shoulder simmered for hours in a slow oven...(I'm home all day!)