Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Poor little Taj was worn out after his big day out visiting yesterday and slept most of the morning. He was quite ill in the afternoon and had us worried but after running to the door and outside to the garden, he recovered later and ate his beef, rice and vegies for dinner. He had some cheese yesterday which might have upset his system.


Susan said...

Taj is adorable and quite the pampered pooch! He looks good wearing that jaguar "pelt". :)

BTW, I really like your new header, too. Meant to tell you when you first put it up and got sidetracked.

Ladybug said...

Yes, he's very spoilt, quite spirited and funny - gives us a lot of joy! Seems to be OK now.

Thanks about the header; I chop and change all the time. Have a look at the lovely pic I took on Sunday - down the very bottom of the page. Our place is just about where the silver car is in the distance.

Well, I'm off to bed now; it's 10pm here.

I_am_Tulsa said...

Oh what a cute face! He deserves to be spoilt but keep him away from the cheese...and give him a pat on the head for me!

Susan said...

Oh, that IS lovely! Thanks!

willow said...

Is this not the sweetest face? He's adorable and obviously well loved!

Ladybug said...

He'll be so chuffed that he got so much fan mail!