Friday, June 19, 2009


Valley in Fog
DMJ took this shot yesterday from the wall of the weir. Our road goes around the hill in the distance on the right-hand side and down the valley. We were in fog all day yesterday, which was beautiful really, as the sun was trying to poke through and the bare trees were standing against this pearly grey mist.

We have sunshine today and streaky clouds on a bright blue sky. I have to get out and finish the rose pruning, weeding and tidying up the wattles we felled.


Susan said...

So, Ladybug, this is what you get to look at on a regular basis? Well, not always foggy, of course. Again, I am very jealous.

A "foggy day in London town" has nothing on that!

Alaine said...

It is a lovely place. I'm slowly getting through the roses and getting battle scarred!