Thursday, June 25, 2009


~ heading West about 3:30pm ~

~ our home just behind trees on right ~

~ 'Eloura', a neighbour ~

~ heading East, about 4pm ~

~ our roof in the distance ~


willow said...

Sigh. You live in a glorious spot on this good earth.

Tracy said...

Those wide open views and blues...calling my name! It is simply beautiful where you are, Alaine! :o)

Alaine said...

Thankyou Willow and Tracy. Just last week - our Winter!

Derrick said...

And I'm not feeling the least bit jealous!! (Almost better than our Summer!)

Susan said...

Every time I see new pictures of your surroundings, I am envious of your good fortune to live in such a beautiful place. The one thing I'm not envious of is the lack of rain and water. I wish I could give you some of ours.

Premium T. said...

I do believe that you live in the Garden of Eden!!

Alaine said...

Susan, that's the big problem. However, we've had a bit this morning and more coming this week but never a downpour, I'd LOVE a downpour!

T, it is a lovely place, good for the soul.