Monday, March 30, 2009


We arrived home last night after an idyllic two-week holiday in our 'Apple Isle', Tasmania. We were really looking forward to it after the previous trip was cancelled when the bushfires were heading our way. We had a great trip over on The Spirit of Tasmania; a delightful meal at Seasons Restaurant and then lulled to sleep in our two-bed cabin with winds of 50 knots and 3 to 4 metre swells! The next day I was still feeling those waves!

My new header pic is one I took of the first view I had of Lake Pedder at Strathgordon in the South West. This exquisite sight knocked me for a six and I returned to the car with tears in my eyes. This was the first but not the last strong reaction I was to experience in this beautiful State, where the mountains reach heaven, I'm convinced. Around every corner there is a breathtaking view!

Here are a few more shots of the beautiful beaches on the East coast. I hadn't been to a beach for many years but sat on the rocks at Bicheno and splashed around, then walked the beautiful, white sand, the tide finding my feet, followed the seagulls and collected shells. DMJ said I was being a little girl again and it felt wonderful!


willow said...

You lucky girl!! I am totally green with envy. Your new header picture is so crystal clear...simply stunning!

ruthie said...

beautiful images! so breathtaking. How wwonderful to just "be a little girl" again, hope your holiday was as wonderful as it looks!! mr o and i are off to our dream place, the isle of syke in may and i cant wait -

Coccinella said...

I'll post some more pics when I get a chance to wade through the hundreds.

Ruthie, I'll look forward to your posts on the Isle of Skye.

We packed far too much luggage we didn't even look at but luckily could leave it in our car most of the time. We met a couple (in a Hotel lift) from Switzerland and all they had in the way of luggage was a backpack each!