Monday, February 23, 2009


I really miss my walks with my 'walkie-talkie' friend Marj. That's the term she's come up with for me, her 'walkie-talkie' friend. We usually walk around the lower pondage (there are two, upper and lower, holding ponds below the weir) three mornings a week; up with the birds at 6:30am and walking by 7am. The distance around the lower pondage is 4km (2.48 miles). It's a great start to the day, keeps my weight static and gives me the energy to get everything done before my treat of a movie in the afternoon and then back into it.

Because of bushfire smoke all around the area I haven't walked since 4th February and I'm really feeling sluggish. My bloggy friend, Willow, posted a very funny piece the other day and is motivating her bloggy pals to join her in a Side Bar walk against blogger blub. I've joined in but, instead of walking, I've rescued my slide machine from the shed and got the old bod moving!! Come and join me, Willow and Leslie over at Textures Shapes and Color and get fit.

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