Monday, February 23, 2009


Australian Heath Ledger was awarded Best Supporting Actor for the sensational role of The Joker in 'The Dark Night'. It was a bittersweet moment for Heath's family as his Father, Mother and Sister accepted the award on behalf of Heath's daughter Matilda; the Oscar to be held in trust until her 18th Birthday. Richard Wilkins, entertainment reporter for our local msn network said, "This was the crowning glory to an all too brief career".

On a high note, wasn't Kate Winslet's speech brilliant, calling for her Dad to whistle and he did! Such a great Oscars moment for prosperity. And Hugh Jackman really arrived on the world stage as the Academy Awards' host. Hugh was one of the big winners on the night and I'm sure there will be many accolades tomorrow.


willow said...

I'm very pleased with the winners, aren't you?

I decided not to walk this morning since it's only 13F here this morning. Brrr. Maybe later on after the sun comes out!

Coccinella said...

Yes and hasn't Sean Penn come a long way. I'll have a long wait before any of the nominated movies come to our 'tin shed'.

13F = -10.55 Celsius. That is cold!! I've walked in 3C, which is cold enough but wonderfully bracing! Make sure you go later!