Monday, February 2, 2009


A father and son keeping cool in the shallows of Middle Park Beach, Melbourne.

We have had one heck of a week trying to keep cool in the worst heatwave for a century. We've been lucky to have had power for the air-conditioning - hundreds of thousands of homes were without for days as fires brought down lines which couldn't be repaired in a hurry.   Over 30 people have died through heat exhaustion.  Many have lost their homes and I really feel for those Firies and CFA volunteers trying to save them. And, what is beyond comprehension and makes me livid is that some of these fires were deliberately lit!

To brighten us up a little, we had a visit from our daughter, son-in-law and two Grandsons who cooled off on the way in the beautiful Rubicon River, which is only five minutes from our home.

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