Thursday, February 12, 2009


This scene is unbelievable, two days later, compared to the one below. I took it several minutes ago from my kitchen door. We awoke this morning to good news; the fire heading towards us was contained last night when the wind dropped. Hubby has gone down to check out the damage done to his beloved Rubicon River. We've found friends we were worried about and now my head feels light, without that worry and anxiety. We still have the cars packed as there is still a local fire spanning 108,000 hectares but heading North, away from us, with the Southerly.

There are still many country towns under threat and our State of Victoria has a mammoth task ahead re-establishing infrastructure. We were short of water to begin with and now there is going to be so much hardship for thousands of people devastated by this tragedy. It's a very sad time for all Australians.

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