Wednesday, January 7, 2009


This is a little calligraphy piece I did many moons ago.  It's a poem by Nathaniel Hawthorne, a favourite of mine.  I have it sitting in my 'toot' (bathroom) where all can read and ponder.  So many have commented on it.  My brother told me off for not putting the author's name on it but I didn't know who the author was for many years; I found the poem on one of those beautiful cards to let a friend know you're thinking of them and it said, 'author unknown'.  The card maker didn't do any research!  After being ticked off, I went looking on the net for Nathaniel and found a lot of sites mentioning him.  He is one of the authors included in the book, American Bloomsbury, one that Willow recommended yesterday.


Gwen Buchanan said...

Calligraphy and playing decoratively with letters are things I truly enjoy... this is the first time i have read this quote.. and it is so true..

Beautiful work...

Alaine said...

Hello Gwen, thankyou for your visit! I noticed your comment on the Optimist Creed also.

Unfortunately, I didn't keep up my calligraphy because of carpal tunnel but have a nice hand and use a fountain pen for cards and short notes - I love the 'flourish'! I saw your lovely little book on the alphabet; you are so talented! I love the alphabet too and all of the beautiful fonts.

Your blog and art are wonderful (and your husband's) and I seem to recall that I came across it when I first started blogging; I remember the amazing view and you were talking about re-building or had re-built because of fire. I love what you've achieved with the new house.

I saw 'Desiderata' in your side bar the other day and the mention of the 'real' author. I looked into it late last year to do a post on it and learnt that it had been written only decades ago! I felt rather let down that I/we had been 'stooged' - I've had mine since the late 60s, still have it on my wall and take in the words often.

You're on my sidebar - so glad I found you again - I'll be reading!