Sunday, December 28, 2008


A young Parisian artist's model named Marie was immortalised by Jules Joseph Lefebvre (leferb) as Chloe. Little is known of her, except she was approximately 19 years of age at the time of painting. Roughly two years later, Marie, after throwing a party for friends, boiled a soup of poisonous matches - drank the concoction and died. The reason for her suicide is thought to be unrequited love.

In her time at Young and Jackson Hotel (Melbourne Australia), Chloe has witnessed much history including World Wars and Depressions. She has become known as the "Queen of the Bar Room Wall", the mistress of the Soldiers and the Naked Nymphe. For many young men Chloe became the only naked woman they ever witnessed on route to the War. She has captured the hearts of many men - even resulting in damaging relationships due to the jealous nature of some women. Chloe still evokes passionate feelings from people of all walks of life. Such innocence, tragedy and beauty. She remains aloof, waiting, with a twist of her head, for the call of her lover from afar. Today she is well loved by both women and men.


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