Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Indomitable Soul...

Although long lives the tortoise wise,
In the end he cannot but die.
The dragon in the mist may rise
But in the dust he too shall lie.
Although the stabled steed is old,
He dreams to run a thousand li.
In life's December heroes bold
Indomitable still will be.
It is not up to Heaven alone
To lengthen or shorten our days.
Let's cultivate our minds and live on
Through long years, if we know the ways.
How happy I feel at this thought!
I croon this poem as I ought.


LaPouyette said...

Simply wonderful, Alaine!

Warm greetings,

Elisabeth said...

There's something so reptilian and mediaeval about this little creature, the tortoise. It matches your wonderful words well.

alaine@éclectique said...

LaPouyette...Karin, thank you...enjoy a wonderful Sunday in the Périgord!

alaine@éclectique said...

Elisabeth...I love the armour these creatures wear! The words of Cao Cao; he was a bit of a tyrant but it's said, a great poet.

Delwyn said...

Lovely lines Alaine...and the tortoise is very cute.
I don't know Cao Cao so thanks for the introduction.

steven said...

cao cao is new to me also. i love turtles and tortoises very much. i cannot believe how very tiny this one is! steven

gésbi said...

A jewel - no, two jewels!

LaPouyette said...

Just went to again to your post - such an incredible and lovely image with this tiny baby tortoiseshell. So wonderful, Alaine!